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Azure Cloud Storage Integration

Cloud Archiving and eDiscovery

Migrate On-Premise Email Platform to Office 365

Compliance Archiving & Advanced eDiscovery Platforms for Office 365

MessageSolution efficiently serves as the Office365 E1 Extension to support companies' eDiscovery and compliance requirements. After the Legal Hold and Tagging features from E1 Plan was taken out in Summer 2017, it placed MessageSolution Compliance Archive eDiscovery Platform an immediate alternative to E3 and E5 plans for a compliance archiving and eDiscovery solution, thanks to MessageSolution's 15 years of passionate support to global enterprise customers and excellent track records and expertise in advanced eDiscovery and compliance archiving management. MessageSolution Cloud Archive & eDiscovery Platform has been the preferred alternative solution and the immediate choice for global organizations to select, instead of E3 or E5 subscriptions with the premium cost.

The recent concerns for Office 365's new charge on Inactive Mailboxes also generated uncertainty. IT community is expecting more changes to be made at Microsoft Office 365, and new fee plans to be released with more cost added on for being in Office 365. At the fraction of cost, it is a natural choice for enterprise and organizations to onboard with MessageSolution Cloud Archive Platform for its streamlined archiving and data backup services for Office 365 emails, OneDrive, and SharePoint at a much reasonable pricing point for maintain the contents of the Inactive Mailboxes in Office 365 for overall legal and HR requirements.

Features include:

MessageSolution Migration System for Office 365 – a high performance and automated migration tool, enables organizations quick migration into Office 365 environment
A streamlined full content collection directly from each mailbox in Office 365 to retain all Inactive Mailboxes for leaving/former employees to meet legal, compliance and HR reqirements. The online data import is delivered by MessageSolution industry-leading scalability architecture, making it cost-effective for long term preservation of dormant data, mailbox and file contents
A complete compliant solution with perpetual archiving and archiving legacy data for all emails
Integration with advanced eDiscovery features and legal hold, for accurate litigation resolution, and fast legal representation with instant data availability
Archiving remotely through multiple deployment options with on premise, cloud, or multi- tenant environments
Full ownership of archived data and end-users’ email continuity protection in the event of any email server outage
Centralized data repository, including no third-party databases and reduced costs of ownership and administration time

                                          (Fig.1 MessageSolution Cloud Archiving for Office 365)

MessageSolution’s information archiving solution brings true compliance in Office 365 by delivering eDiscovery services and providing ease of access for end users with search capabilities through a browser, desktop, and Outlook.

Working closely with our technology partner Microsoft, we're the first enterprise archiving vendor that has delivered the scheduled archiving protocol integrated with O365 Exchange Online, which allows the direct-archiving straight out of O365 mailboxes. This is after diligently working with Microsoft O365 integration team over years since Microsoft first released their Exchange Online - the BPOS version 5-6 years ago (Business Professional Online Services). MessageSolution's engineering team has a profound working knowledge of Office365 and we committed to support Microsoft cloud environment both O365 and Azure Network.

Available for Cloud-based, on-premise or MSP/ISP-hosted multi-tenant environments, MessageSolution’s Information Archive and eDiscovery Platform enforces regulatory compliance, regulated data management and high data accessibility to ensure eDiscovery-readiness at all times. It is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for users at all company levels to utilize. In addition to email, MessageSolution also delivers an integrated solution for SharePoint and File System archiving for unified data management.
When comparing plans upon renewal, consider MessageSolution’s value added services for Office365 Business Users and E1 Subscribers as an extension. MessageSolution supports O365 environment with ‘Pay Less, Get More’ which fits in the budget for companies of all sizes with equivalent functions features to O365 E3-E5 Plans, if not more.

Search, classify and redact sensitive PHI for HIPAA, or credit card numbers for financial compliance requirements
Unified search for OneDrive files and SharePoint documents
Preserve and export archived data when and where required with bates numbered in PDF file format
Save up to 60 % Blob storage cost for Azure Cloud Storage
Global storage management enables sync retention by region
Private hybrid archiving in MessageSolution’s ISO Data Center or Azure Cloud
Ease migration cost and burden by classifying and preserving sensitive data as required.
Eliminate the risk that SharePoint leavers pose on data deletion by utilizing MessageSolution SharePoint Archiving System to preserve sites and data
Adding value on compliance renewals, MessageSolution offers the same or more features as O365 E3 plan at a much lower price for O365 Business plans and E1 users


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