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MessageSolution Partners with Hitachi

MessageSolution is constantly undertaking new partnerships. This month, Hitachi Software Engineering America, Ltd., joined the MessageSolution Global Partnership Program. Hitachi Software Engineering America’s parent company, Hitachi Software Engineering Co. Ltd., is a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., a leading global electronics company based in Tokyo, Japan.

With this partnership, MessageSolution joins the ranks of Hitachi Software Engineering’s prestigious partners, which include industry giants like Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, and Sun Microsystems.

After evaluating vendor solutions from across the competitive email archiving industry, Hitachi selected MessageSolution as the company’s go-to archiving software for its global client base because of the unique, industry-leading technology found in MessageSolution’s main product, Enterprise Email Archive (Version 5.0). When Hitachi and MessageSolution began co-developing powerful product functions and features designed for the international market, Hitachi was impressed by MessageSolution’s engineering team’s ability to create high quality products under tight deadlines.

Like MessageSolution, Hitachi’s success stems from its products’ appeal to multiple market sectors worldwide. As an authorized reseller of MessageSolution products, Hitachi Software Engineering will be an integral part of MessageSolution’s expanding network of global partnerships and channels. Look for the announcement in the News & Events section of our web site this month.
EEA 5.0 Earns Lotus Award Nomination

Enterprise Email Archive 5.0 has been nominated for a 2008 Lotus Award for Best Messaging and Collaboration Solution.

Nominees for Best Messaging and Collaboration Solution have created quality applications that show “significant business value, creativity and use the latest release of IBM Lotus Notes® and Lotus Domino® 8 software,” according to IBM’s Lotus Awards web site. Winning solutions “must bring interactive and collaborative capabilities into the context of the processes employees’ use every day.”

References from MessageSolution’s global customer base gave Enterprise Email Archive 5.0 their enthusiastic support, rating the product and services received from MessageSolution as unequivocally excellent.
The 2008 Lotus Awards winners will be announced in January of 2008, at IBM’s 15th annual Lotusphere® conference, held in Orlando, Florida.

MessageSolution Global Spotlight

Siemens UK Division - Roke Manor Research Ltd, a Siemens Company, Selected MessageSolution EEA 5.0 For Exchange! Siemens, based in Germany, is one of the world largest electrical engineering and electronics companies.

Corporations Face Daunting Challenges

The Facts
Approximately 541 million workers worldwide conduct business via emails. The typical message user sends and receives 25,000 emails annually, according to Osterman Research’s statistics. These emails often contain vital corporate intelligence. In fact, 60 percent of a corporation’s critical information is contained in employees’ emails, according to Radicati Research Group.

And electronic messaging systems are only increasing in popularity among today’s corporations; Gartner Research indicates a growth rate of 40 percent per year of email and instant messaging volume. Corporations’ massive volumes of data are compounding on a daily basis.

The Problems
Decreased Server Performance and Increased SpendingEventually, these hoards of data start to impose a huge burden on the corporate information storage infrastructure, resulting in sluggish server performance and constant downtime.  CIOs and IT managers find themselves constantly buying more and more expensive hardware to try and support the sheer volume of data. Without the proper solution , storing this data can become quite costly.

New Corporate Accountability Requirements. Meanwhile, corporate scandals and investigations in recent years have led the SEC and other governing bodies to pass new regulations for storing and accessing corporate intelligence. These regulations require corporations to archive their emails, attachments, and other electronic files. Very few companies, either publicly-traded or privately held, are exempt from regulatory scrutiny by federal or state legislators.

Along with compliance regulations, legislation and legal fines have hurt many corporations because their current data backup systems and storage and access policies cannot support the new compliance regulations, internal or external audits, or electronic data discovery. Companies have discovered they need an email archiving solution to avoid accruing millions of dollars in legal fees or fines.

The new compliance initiatives and the huge volume of electronic communications present a combined IT challenge for corporate executives to take on; MessageSolution presents the email and file archiving solution.
Update: MessageSolution Branches Out !

This May, MessageSolution opened a new branch dedicated entirely to sales, marketing, and customer service. The new branch will help support MessageSolution’s rapidly growing customer base and partnerships worldwide. MessageSolution maintains offices and representatives in the U.S., United Kingdom, and China, with distributors in these and many other countries.

The new branch is located in Milpitas, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. To contact the Milpitas branch, call (408) 383-0100 or fax (408) 383-0222; or email us

For more information about the new branch, including street address and opening date, go to our press release.
Out with the Old, In with the New…Web Site, That Is !

Look out for major changes to our web site , in the next few months, including pages dedicated to your company’s specific requirements.

The web site will feature a new “Solutions” tab, with detailed descriptions of our solutions to your email archiving/storage, compliance, or e-discovery problems. More worried about integration with your server platform? New pages will explain how our products support Windows Exchange, IBM Domino, Unix-based, GroupWise, and other servers. Pages will also be tailored to your concerns by industry and job role.

Confused about which version of Enterprise Email Archive suits you best? The updated web site will outline the differences between our Suite and Express editions. As always, you can still fill out a consult request form on the web site for more personalized explanations from one of our service staff.

We will be redesigning the site for more intuitive navigation, individualized solutions, and generally improved aesthetic appearance. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email them to our assistant marketing manager at
Getting Around

Our product marketing team demonstrated EEA Suite for Exchange, named a finalist twice for the Best Messaging Solution Product Excellence Awards in 2006, at the Microsoft WinConnections conference at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. The conference, which lasted from November 5th through the 8th, featured more than 240 in-depth sessions from Microsoft and industry experts, 150 speakers, and the most up-to-date information on Windows Server 2008. For more information on Microsoft Winconnections, go to

MessageSolution will also be sending representatives to London, North Carolina, and New York for a series of email archiving seminars. Our next stop after the holidays will be in Orlando, Florida, in January of 2008 for IBM’s 15th annual Lotusphere® conference. For more information, visit our website.