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MessageSolution, Inc.
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Awards and New Product Releases
2015 20 Most Powerful Legal Technology Solution Providers Finalist

Ranked in the “VISIONARY” Quadrant in 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for Enterprise Information Archiving

“The archiving products are easy to use and customer support is excellent.”
2013 Top 100 Privately Held Business in California

2012 Golden Bridge Awards Finalists

SSAE 16 Type II Data Centers

Best Archiving Solution 2010

Best of TechEd 2009

Best Products & Services 2009

Best Archiving Solution 2008

2008: IBM Lotus Award for Best Messaging and Collaboration Solution nomination (Enterprise Email Archive 5.0)
IBM Lotus Awards 2008 emblem

2008: IBM Lotus Award for Best Lotus Notes 8.0 Composite Application nomination
(Enterprise Email Archive 5.0)
photograph of IBM Lotus Awards 2008 crystal trophy

Best Products & Services 2008

2007: Winner of Dostor Storage Award (Enterprise Email Archive 5.0)
Dostor Storage Award winner 2007 emblem

2006: Two-time finalist in LinuxWorld Product Excellence Awards (Enterprise Email Archive 3.0 and 4.0)
LinuxWorld Product Excellence Awards 2006 logo

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About us

MessageSolution Company
MessageSolution is a private held profitable company with zero debt, with its 100% R&D resources focusing on innovating and developing world class enterprise archiving and eDiscovery solutions. MessageSolution's team of dedicated professionals comes from a wide array of companies in Silicon Valley, California, including technology veterans from Sun Microsystems and IBM as well as graduates of Stanford University. With more than 20 years of high tech experience, the MessageSolution team puts everyone's skills to work creating software to solve IT problems for enterprises in various industries across the world. Managed by a team of highly experienced Silicon Valley veterans, MessageSolution is positioned to lead the rapidly growing enterprise information archiving and eDiscovery markets.

MessageSolution is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with operations in North America, Europe, and mainland China, along with distribution channels in Europe, South Africa, Australia, and Asia Pacific. We are a growing independent software vendor dedicated to providing innovative email, file systems, SharePoint, and Quickr archiving for compliance, electronic discovery, storage management, and mail cross-platform migrations.

Our Vision and Mission
Driven by innovation, MessageSolution empowers today's organizations to effectively manage electronically stored information (ESI) and corporate intelligence where the ultimate goal is to:

* Comply with industry and government regulations
* Respond more quickly to electronic discovery
* Reduce storage costs
* Optimize email server functioning
* Prepare for disaster recovery
* Migrate from GroupWise or Domino to the Exchange email platform or vise versa.

MessageSolution's enterprise archiving, eDiscovery and migration software solutions mitigate risk, reduce costs and increase the ROI of the forward thinking organizations.

MessageSolution understands that organizations around the world use different languages operating on a global platform, have complex messaging and network settings, as well as different retention, archiving and eDiscovery requirements. With this in mind, MessageSolution engineers designed the product architecture to be scalable, robust, and compatible with all major email, file servers and hardware configurations to meet organizations, archiving, eDiscovery and migration needs on all email server platforms, providing both in-house and Cloud-based solutions.

MessageSolution's innovation and customer-oriented engineering and support staff have made us a trusted partner of customers and channels around the world.

Awards and New Releases
  2017: Winner for the 13th Annual Info Security PG's Global Excellence Awards in multiple categories,
            Products and Solutions for Asia-Pacific(Gold Winner);
            Products and Solutions for U.S.A.(Silver   Winner), 
            and Global Cloud/SaaS Solutions(Bronze Winner)
  2016: Featured in The Silicon Review’s 50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies.
  2015: Gold Winner in 2015 IT World Awards and Silicon Valley Product Guides in multiple winning
           categories, including IT Products & Services for Healthcare,for Overall USA Market, and
            for Asia-Pacific Region & Market
  2015: 20 Most Powerful Legal Technology Solution Providers - finalist selected by CIO
            REVIEW Magazine
  2015: Recognized as Emerging Player by Info-Tech in Content and Email Archiving Market
  2014: Ranked in the “VISIONARY” Quadrant in 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for
            Enterprise Information Archiving. The customer survey of the Magic Quadrant report indicates
            “MessageSolution’s archiving products are easy to use and customer support is excellent.”
            Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant Report for Enterprise Information Archiving
  2013: Top 2013 Business Awards by Diversity Business, ranking Top 100 privately held company in
  2012: Integration with the newly released GroupWise 2012 Client
  2011: First Delivery of Outlook 2011 MAC Integrated Search
  2011: Integration and support of Microsoft Office 365 compliance archiving (Formerly BPOS)
  2010: Winner of MSExchange Best Archiving Solution Reader's Choice Award Voted by
            Exchange administrators and users on
  2010: Integration with the Google Enterprise Gmail System
  2009: Top 3 finalist for Microsoft Best TechEd Product Award for Business Intelligence
  2009: First Runner Up in's Best Exchange Archiving Solution Reader's Choice Award
  2009: Winner of Best Products and Services in the Enterprise Archiving category, Silicon Valley Publication
            of Administrators and Users
  2009: Compliance archiving support for the Microsoft Hosted BPOS email system
  2008: IBM Lotus Award for Best Messaging and Collaboration Solution Nomination
            (Enterprise Email Archive 5.0)
            IBM Lotus Award for Best Lotus Notes 8.0 Composite Application Nomination
            (Enterprise Email Archive 5.0)
  2008: Winner of MSExchange Best Archiving Solution Reader's Choice Award as voted by
            Exchange administrators and users
  2008: Winner of Best Products and Services in the Enterprise Archiving category, Silicon Valley Publication
  2007: Winner of Dostor's Green Storage Award (Enterprise Email Archive 5.0)
  2006: Two-time finalist in LinuxWorld Product Excellence Awards (Enterprise Email Archive 4.0)

Product History
MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive
Enterprise Email Archive is a next-generation email archiving software solution that was the first of its kind in the industry to be originally developed for use on the Linux platform. MessageSolution began development of Enterprise Email Archive in 2002, when chaos in the financial sector and other industries lead to the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, along with other government and industry compliance regulations. The United States Supreme Court's amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure became effective in December of 2007, causing many companies to rethink their existing storage management systems and electronic discovery requirements. MessageSolution met the demands of government and industry standards by expanding Enterprise Email Archive to support Exchange server 5.5 and 2000-2010, IBM Lotus Notes Domino server 6.5-8.x, Novell GroupWise 7 onward, and a variety of Linux and UNIX-based email and file servers.

It is this history of meeting and exceeding the needs of our enterprise customers and channel partners that has made us a global force now and in the future.

Q1 2007: MessageSolution offered full integration with Microsoft Active Directory and IBM Domino Directory, successfully preserved mailbox folder structure in centralized archive for Exchange and Domino servers.

Q3 2007: MessageSolution started Software as a Service (SaaS) model, providing global cloud-driven archiving and eDiscovery services for organizations of all sizes. MessageSolution also started offering migration services and helping organizations moving in and out of hosted email environment.

Q1 2008: MessageSolution completed the integration with GroupWise E-Directory and Open LDAP, successfully delivered the preservation of original mailbox folder structure into the archive for GroupWise server, as well as Linux-based servers such as Postfix, Scalix etc. In the same year, MessageSolution became the first archiving and eDiscovery vendor that delivered the full support of seamless email server storage reduction and transparent client integration with data stubbing for all top-3 email servers - Exchange, Domino, and GroupWise for Outlook, Lotus Notes, and GroupWise clients.

Q4 2008: MessageSolution delivered the first 64-bit application which fully supports 64-bit OS environment. Thanks to MessageSolution's flexibility and intimate knowledge of both Windows and the Linux platforms, MessageSolution was able to smoothly launch Software as a Service (SaaS) multi-tenancy and eDiscovery platform of archiving solutions for managed service providers (MSP), business partners and hosting firms to cost-effectively utilize their existing data center or Cloud infrastructure to generate additional revenue and ensure client retention.

Q4 2009: MessageSolution delivered the first Exchange 2010 Web Services Integration, taking full advantage of the most robust and scalable email platform in the market.

Q2 2009: MessageSolution delivered first in the market Managed Service Provider (MSP) Multi-Tenant Archiving Solution, taking advantage of MessageSolution's industry record scalability and diversity of supporting all email server platforms, leveraging MSP partners' datacenters and infrastructure to lower the cost and make archiving service affordable to the end users.

MessageSolution Enterprise File Archive
Enterprise Email Archive proved to be highly successful, and its implementation of next generation data indexing and file compression technology led to the introduction of MessageSolution's Enterprise File Archive, a powerful management solution for electronic records that can be deployed standalone or together with MessageSolution's other archiving software.

MessageSolution Enterprise SharePoint Archive
MessageSolution added integrated solution for archiving from Microsoft SharePoint in May of 2009. MessageSolution Enterprise SharePoint Archive automatically places original SharePoint documents onto affordable storage disc and reduces large size files to 1KB shortcuts delivering a no-training-required transparent user experience, while significantly reducing the database growth rate for organizations. MessageSolution Enterprise SharePoint Archive can be deployed standalone or together with MessageSolution's email and file archiving solutions.

MessageSolution Enterprise Quickr Archive
MessageSolution extended its support for IBM Lotus Quickr in January 2010 to complete its comprehensive archiving capabilities and product portfolio. Enterprise Quickr Archive enables organizations that are on IBM Domino to effectively and systematically centralize their Quickr files with full support of the needs in organizations, eDiscovery, litigation support, and Quickr server storage management.

MessageSolution Enterprise Email-Cross Platform Migration System
MessageSolution delivered this industry first enterprise class multi-functional email server migration and archiving system to simultaneously perform mail server migration, legacy email archiving, real-time storage reduction, and ongoing email archiving of new email from post-migrated mail servers, a high-performance all-in-one migration/archiving system. Migration can be conducted bi-directional between various email server platforms such as from GroupWise or Domino migrate to Exchange, and MessageSolution Enterprise Migration System also allows companies to migrate data into Microsoft Office 365 (BPOS) and other major hosting email systems such as Google Apps.

MessageSolution's on-premise and cloud-based solutions serve customers in every industry around the world, ranging from the 25 seat SMB/SME to one of world's largest banks with 380,000 global employees. MessageSolution customers include the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Massachusetts State Trial Court, AT&T Research Division, Staples Canada, Bonham's U.K., Toyota Europe, Toyota Australia, Honda Manufacturing China, Mitsubishi Elevator Company, Zenith Bank, Plc, Diamond Bank, Texas AM University, Hong Kong University, Siemens Research Division, Pacific National Bank, and Cherry Auto Corporation, etc.

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