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chart of Enterprise Email Archive's storage management features' effects on email server storage
The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) are a set of guidelines set by the U.S. Supreme Court regulating court procedure for civil suits.  FRCP often refers to revisions made in December of 2006 regarding electronic discovery, which became effective December 1, 2007.  Electronic documents such as email, instant messages, or calendar files, and traditional documents stored electronically must be available for timely search and retrieval in the event of litigation proceedings.  Discovery must be maintained in its original format.  Accidental deletion, misplacement, or any inability to locate data before deadlines will result in court fines.
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MessageSolution Enterprise SharePoint Archiving and Migration

The rapid growth of SharePoint implementations in companies of all sizes has started to present the growing needs for achieving compliance, eDiscovery, record management, and server storage reductions for SharePoint environment.

Organizations with SharePoint implemented have found the needs for centralizing their business e-mails, files and SharePoint files on one archiving platform making all data conveniently and quickly discoverable electronically. MessageSolution Enterprise SharePoint Archive addresses these needs for enterprises and enables organizations to implement a high-performance SharePoint archiving and eDiscovery solution online as quickly and easily as possible, with integrated modular archival options for all email platforms, file systems and business instant messages. MessageSolution SharePoint Archive entails rich and versatile technology which significantly improves SharePoint server performance, captures data for compliance as well as maintains easy and fast end-user access to the archived SharePoint files.

MessageSolution SharePoint archiving stubs SharePoint files to significantly save server space while maintaining transparent user access to SharePoint files, requiring no change in user behavior and experience, delivering true transparent and high performance SharePoint server and database storage reductions.

MessageSolution also delivers enterprise class migration capabilities from various data sources to different email server platforms and hosted data environment. MessageSolution Enterprise Migration System allows companies to migrate data from public folders, file servers, ECM systems to SharePoint, as well as migrate email data from GroupWise Server and Domino Server to Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 (BPOS) and other major hosting email systems.
MessageSolution SharePoint Archiving can be deployed standalone or in conjunction with MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive and/or MessageSolution Enterprise File Archive. All archiving modules can be deployed on the same server, stored in the same repository for records retention, and accessed from the same web-based user interface, making data management, backup and data restoration faster and more streamlined while lowering storage costs by offloading SharePoint servers. MessageSolution also delivered the first in the market all-in-one email/file/SharePoint Software as a Service (SaaS) archiving services for companies that plan to outsource its archiving implementation.

MessageSolution SharePoint Archive Features:
  • Offload SharePoint data to more cost-effective storage devices to reduce storage costs
  • Capture all relevant SharePoint data for compliance
  • Execute full-text indexing and global single-instancing on all archived content
  • Centralized corporate email, file, and SharePoint archives under MessageSolution
          to reduce time and costs for legal discovery requests
  • Drastically improves SharePoint Server performance meaning less data is stored on
          SharePoint Servers after offloading SharePoint data to the archive server, with
          seamless end-user access via stubbing
  • Reduce size and number of SQL Servers
  • Improve SharePoint server manageability and free end-user quota limitations