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Education and Government
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MessageSolution for Government

MessageSolution’ s products such as Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive enable government organizations to manage compliance of their programs with government and industry standards. The solutions allows government agencies to reliably comply with environmental standards, create policy documentation, and design green or compliant products from the start—reducing the risk of costly business interruptions.

MessageSolution offers a special discount for public schools, governments, and non-profit organizations of 25 to 30% off the total licensing fee; for more information, request a free demo or contact a sales representative.

The Challenge
Today, electronic documents, files, and emails are the main form of communication within a government organization. These internal documents are classified as public records and must be properly saved and archived for legal compliance, as well as to comply with security measures and ensure government transparency. Under these measures, government organizations are required by law to provide documents, such as internal files and emails for review in a timely fashion.

Within the last ten years, there has been an increase in the volume of emails and electronic sharing of documents. This increase has added an additional burden on governments, when they are already struggling with limited resources due to budget cuts. As more regulations such as GLBA, HIPPA, USA PATROIT Act, and FIoA are being passed, government agencies are given an added responsibility and liability to manage storage requirements, email archiving, and eDiscovery. Yet the combination of increased sending, receiving, and retention of data can result in overwhelming storage volumes. Large storage volumes pose a constant risk to primary server functioning, resulting, quite often, in slow performance and system crashes, which slow work flow and eat up IT employees’ time.

Government organizations may also encounter similar situations to those faced by public schools:
(1) Requests under Open Meeting and Freedom of Information Act laws
(2) Emails containing offensive or sexual content that violates human resources policies
(3) Emails containing evidence of wrongdoing by an employee

In all these cases, it is important to retain emails, attachments, and other electronic records. Archiving emails and electronic files ensures that redeeming information can be accessed from an historical record in time to acquit a government agency of intentional wrongdoing, perhaps by locating the source of a problem. Likewise, retention of electronic emails and files can prove the innocence of a staff member in a case of an investigation or lawsuit.

Archiving email and electronic files government agencies prove their integrity and encourage accountability among staff members and employees. As corporate scandals have demonstrated, enforcing a retention policy amongst staff is just as important as developing the policy. Even government agencies have made the news for suspicious situations surrounding email use and retention. Currently, the United States White House is facing ongoing investigations into missing emails that, under the White House’s retention policy, should not have been deleted.

What Can Our Archiving Solutions Do?

The Solution
Don’t be fooled by the names—Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive serve governments and non-profit organizations as well. MessageSolution’s price discount for governments and non-profit organizations ensures that every business-large or small, can afford email archiving. Contact a MessageSolution representative for more information on this special.

MessageSolution delivers a powerful method to archive government files and emails for a fraction of the market price. There is no need to purchase hardware or install software or invest in expensive maintenance cost. With none of these investments to make, government ITs can deploy the system in a few hours. Our support team can even provide training for staff members to ensure a smooth transition of the system. Through these solutions, each and every file and email is properly archived on cloud, on-premise or MSP hosted platforms and can be easily retrieved and accessible through a simple search. For our minimum system requirements (and they are pretty minimal), check out our product data sheets, contact a MessageSolution representative, or request a demo.

Features Benefitting Government Agencies:
Discount and flexible payment plan
Works with any hardware vendor and server environment
Built-in search engine and database means no additional software purchases
Reduces storage requirements to ¼ of original size
24 x 7 support
Archiving and user activities are tracked and logged into audit trails and reports
Supports Latin-based and character-based language searching
Enterprise Email Archive Suite version allows higher ups to access archive through their email client or from offline
Enterprise Email Archive Express version and Enterprise File Archive allow users to access the archive through a web interface or their email client’s web access

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