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Education and Government
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Electronic Discovery and Litigation Support

Public schools, colleges, and universities are not immune to court demands for electronic discovery, including electronic records like email, instant messages, Word files, spreadsheets, and calendar files. The United States Supreme Court updated the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which became effective in December of 2007.

Some common reasons schools may be requested to produce email records are:
(1) Requests under Open Meeting and Freedom of Information Act laws
(2) Offensive emails or those with sexual content involving students
(3) Email threats

Our Solution: Search and Retrieve for eDiscovery
Traditional electronic discovery methods can be slow and extremely expensive. Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive’s superior archiving technology allows you to retrieve crucial data within seconds and can even restore data to its original format. The built-in search engine locates emails and files using a full text key word or key phrase search in multiple fields, including attachments.

The email and file archives even allow searching in multiple languages, including Latin-based and character-based. This is especially useful if a U.S. school’s Spanish teacher requires students to email in homework assignments in Spanish. Unicode allows users to search the archive to locate these communications. Administrators, HR staff, or other staff can be designated as authorized users and utilize eDiscovery features without IT assistance.

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