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MessageSolution to Unveil Drag & Drop SharePoint Collaboration Suite at SharePoint Technology Conference 2013

MessageSolution, an industry leader in enterprise-class information archiving, eDiscovery and migration will introduce new drag and drop content management for SharePoint content and email archiving at SharePoint Technology Conference (SPTechCon) 2013 in San Francisco, CA. The new interactive workflow leverages comprehensive SharePoint and Outlook client integration to promote an empowered user experience, ease of use and organizational efficiency. With on-premise, Cloud and MSP-hosted solutions available, MessageSolution provides Enterprise and SME organizations with a unified solution for all information archiving, eDiscovery and migration needs.

Milpitas and San Francisco, CA March 4, 2013- MessageSolution will be at SharePoint Technology Conference (SPTechCon) 2013 to unveil its new interactive SharePoint Collaboration Suite. The drag and drop content management lets users drag email or SharePoint files between Outlook, SharePoint and MessageSolution Enterprise Information Archive. The new drag and drop workflow promotes interactive content management and end-user organizational empowerment for enterprise and SME organizations. As MessageSolution’s leading marketing strategist Kevin McInerney notes, “This level of integration and the new level of end-user engagement really streamline collaboration. It leverages extreme ease-of-use and workflow transparency to motivate the implementation and use of SharePoint as a social platform.” In conjunction with the unified interface for SharePoint, email and file system archiving and eDiscovery, new drag and drop technology allows users to leverage personal organization control in addition to the automated policy-based archiving process for integrated content management.

Archiving and eDiscovery for Cloud, Enterprise, Hosted Environments

Just like the Microsoft SharePoint platform, the MessageSolution Enterprise Information Archive is designed for end-user empowerment; intricate technologies presented through a non-technical, straight-forward interface. MessageSolution’s new drag and drop file management utilizes advanced Outlook client and direct SharePoint integration to achieve a seamless collaboration suite. Using SharePoint integration and the Outlook plug-in, users can proactively drag and drop files, emails and attachments between the archive and Outlook or publish on SharePoint. “Direct Outlook and SharePoint integration allow us to essentially reinvent the concept of a file server,” Kevin McInerney adds. “It marries corporate communication with document and information archiving to bring trendy Drop Box-like features to corporate data management.” For compliance purposes, unavoidable archive logs will record any file movement and a copy of any files restored to the Outlook or SharePoint servers will always be accessible from the archive if needed.

Interactive and Policy-Based Content Management

Automated, policy-driven content management is the backbone of MessageSolution’s Enterprise Information Archive. Particularly, automated data retention management and controlled access permissions take all guesswork out of achieving and maintaining compliance.

Although just as technologically advanced as competitive solutions, the MessageSolution platform is geared towards the end-user. By depending on automated archive management, particularly multi-tiered access control by user or user/groups, MessageSolution is able to offer users a more effortless user experience without compromising compliance, data security or company policy. Users can access their data directly from the archive without additional IT help and leverage the new drag and drop technology to move data between the Outlook, SharePoint and archive servers as needed. Customizable file tagging, folder-link integration, and data classification also help users create individual user experiences to maximize personal efficiency.

eDiscovery and Governance for SharePoint

MessageSolution Enterprise Information Archive also provides eDiscovery functionality for all SharePoint, email and file system data. Granular, federated searching allows users to search through multi-locational repositories to immediately address eDiscovery requests. The MessageSolution platform uses hash code technology to ensure data integrity and preserves custodial chain of custody with unalterable logs and reports. Other eDiscovery features include multiple case management, centralized legal hold, automated data redaction, PST file export, and more.

Intelligent Storage Management

The MessageSolution Platform provides hierarchical storage management, data offloading (stubbing), in-process compression and more to intelligently control exponential data growth and reduce storage requirements. Single Instance Storage and a high in-process compress rate can reduce general storage requirements by up to 75%. Administrators can also selectively archive data to primary storage or to economical secondary storage.

SharePoint Migration

With the MessageSolution Enterprise Migration System, users can migrate data from file system servers, legacy SharePoint servers (i.e. SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010) and more to the most current SharePoint technology. Organizations can also migrate data from Domino or GroupWise servers to Exchange.

MessageSolution Cloud Archiving and Automated Parallels Integration

MessageSolution offers a gold certified Parallels platform integration for automated sales and system provisioning. Parallels gold certified APS package allows clients and partners to operate provisioning, billing, and desktop virtualization on a single platform. Parallels integration helps MessageSolution effortlessly provide organizations with a ready-to-use Cloud archiving solution. With invoicing, ordering control panels, pre-installation, software deployment and many other essential functions are unified into one complete Parallels Automation Platform.

MessageSolution also delivers several options for Information Archiving and data storage for organizations with different needs and workflows. Organizations leveraging MessageSolution’s archiving and eDiscovery Cloud services can choose between MessageSolution’s private Cloud network or Microsoft Azure, IBM SmartCloud and other public Clouds. MessageSolution Cloud archiving offers hands-off system management, virtually unlimited data storage, certified data security, global data center locations, advanced object storage for improved system performance, continual checks and self-healing data integrity and more.

SPTechCon 2013

SPTechCon will be held March 3-6 at the Union Square Hilton in San Francisco, CA and will be a whirlwind of technical labs, tutorials, industry networking and collaboration opportunities for SharePoint administrators, IT professionals, business users and developers. MessageSolution will be exhibiting at booth # 807 to showcase their unique enterprise archiving and eDiscovery solution.

For more information or event registration for SPTechCon 2013, please visit:

About MessageSolution, Inc.

MessageSolution, Inc., is an industry leader in comprehensive email, SharePoint and file systems content archiving, legal eDiscovery, and data migration. With Cloud, Multi-Tenant and On-Premise software solutions available, MessageSolution enables organizations of all sizes in all industries to mitigate risk, reduce storage costs and requirements, optimize server performance, and comply with industry and federal regulations. The MessageSolution Platform supplies the organizational and governing backbone to manage the lifecycle of electronic stored data (ESI) by fully integrating with Exchange, Lotus Notes Domino, GroupWise and all Linux email platforms and supporting all SharePoint and file content types.

Founded in 2004 and based in Silicon Valley, California, MessageSolution maintains operations in North America, Europe, and Asian Pacific, along with distribution channels in Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Domestic and international customers include U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of Energy, Toyota Australia, Toyota Europe, Honda China, University Texas A & M, Randolph School District, Lockheed Federal Credit Union, and Massachusetts State Court Systems.

For more information, visit or call +001 408-383-0100.

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