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Solutions by Email Server

No matter your current or future email server, Enterprise Email Archive’s flexible architecture fits into your current network IT infrastructure and is able to adapt throughout the information lifecycle. Enterprise Email Archive is an open standard product that fully supports Microsoft Exchange, IBM Domino, Novell GroupWise, and more than eight major Linux email servers.

Our Enterprise Suite Edition also
integrates with Outlook, Lotus Notes and GroupWise client, allowing users to search and browse their archived emails without ever leaving their email client.

Choose your current email server(s), along with any server(s) to which your company may be considering migrating, for more information on Enterprise Email Archive’s cross-server support capabilities.

Microsoft Exchange Server

IBM Domino Server

Novell GroupWise Server

Linux/UNIX Servers

Google Apps & Hosted Email

MessageSolution supports only the standard email server platforms and configurations that are supported by each email server's publisher (for example, Exchange server/Outlook by Microsoft, Domino/Lotus Notes by IBM, GroupWise by Novell, etc.). Enterprise customers operating on a non-standard platform or email server setting (i.e., the customer's environment is not supported by the email server publisher) should appreciate that MessageSolution will need to customize the product deployment process.

If a customer has customized or modified its email server setting, MessageSolution would likely have to customize our own products to work with the customer's modified server platform, which often takes weeks or even months to complete such a customization work. Customer should notify MessageSolution such special requirement during the project planning process for MessageSolution engineering team to complete the customization work in time. Often time to accomplish the enterprise customer's goals, MessageSolution will require the collaboration of the enterprise customer, along with any relevant third party partners and the email server publisher. In such cases, the timeline to complete the customized deployment process may vary and Professional Engineering Services fees for customization may apply.

MessageSolution Product Lifecycle Policy is minimum of 3 years support for its business applications since the initial release date of each product version.

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