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IT Administrator
IT Administrator

A more technical description of our archiving products and pain point-specific advice on selecting an archiving solution

IT and Compliance

  • What is required by compliance regulations?
  • What will IT need to do to facilitate compliance?
  • What happens if your company is not fully compliant?
  • How do employees complicate compliance objectives?

  • IT and Email, File Management

  • How much data do you need to keep?
  • How long should you retain data?
  • How can you lower storage management costs?
  • In addition to your backup solution, why adding a content archiving solution for organization's legal readiness, regulatory or internal compliance, and for storage cost control is better than just simply backing up data?

  • IT and eDiscovery, Litigation Support

  • Why is electronic discovery and litigation hold an IT problem?
  • What information constitutes ‘eDiscovery’?
  • Where can eDiscovery be found?
  • What happens if your company cannot retrieve requested information in time?

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