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chart of Enterprise Email Archive's storage management features' effects on email server storage
The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) are a set of guidelines set by the U.S. Supreme Court regulating court procedure for civil suits.  FRCP often refers to revisions made in December of 2006 regarding electronic discovery, which became effective December 1, 2007.  Electronic documents such as email, instant messages, or calendar files, and traditional documents stored electronically must be available for timely search and retrieval in the event of litigation proceedings.  Discovery must be maintained in its original format.  Accidental deletion, misplacement, or any inability to locate data before deadlines will result in court fines.
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MessageSolution Enterprise Archive for Office 365 SharePoint Online & Enterprise On-Premise
Providing a complete support of SharePoint Online in Office365 and SharePoint enterprise on premise, MessageSolution Enterprise SharePoint Archive enables companies to manage archiving, eDiscovery, system performance and storage to govern and protect organization’s entire collaboration and file systems. Sharepoint is designed to encourage collaborative and creative working with highly efficient communication within the enterprise. Through this process, the productivity created through the years can be invaluable to the companies. MessageSolution effectively archives all SharePoint documents from all historical sites for corporate record management and preverve value.

MessageSolution Enterprise eDiscovery Platform for SharePoint ensures that the organization is in compliance with industry regulations. It also governs all electronic stored data (ESI) including SharePoint files, are instantly accessible without being compromised. Features including Case Management and Annotation allow cooperation and coordination between multiple parties while still preserving the integraty of the data.