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Email Archiving and Storage Management
Email Archiving and Storage Management

Storage Management
Enterprises around the world use Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive to streamline their data management processes. What can MessageSolution’s archiving solutions do for your business? Find your storage management problem(s) below and learn how our archiving software solutions address your needs.

Reduced Server Function
Email and electronic document exchange has become the primary method of communication and document management for most organizations. Large files/documents, videos, high resolution images, multi-media, programs, and downloads are constantly being sent back and forth or stored on corporate file servers. After a while, however, this agglomeration of large files and emails starts to back up the server network, which was never meant to store such massive quantities of data.

  Solution: Offloading Storage Using Enterprise Email Archive
Storing data on virtually any hardware device using Enterprise Email Archive software increases email server performance, scalability and reliability. Stubbing allows users to keep message stubs in their inbox for viewing, while eliminating the storage burden which would otherwise be placed on the email server. Using Enterprise Email Archive, organizations can store mail for an unlimited time period while retaining immediate access to data.

Compounding Storage Growth Rates
Many companies have taken on an archiving solution to solve storage problems, yet other solutions often fail to address one of the biggest concerns for organizations with storage management issues: growth rates. Without a way to reduce storage growth rates, many organizations will find themselves constantly adding on expensive hardware to store their archived emails and files.

  Solution: Filtering, Compression, and Single Instance Archiving of Data
Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive are designed to reduce storage requirements to a quarter of the original storage space. This is accomplished with automated file compression, filtration of spam emails, and single instance archiving of files, emails, and attachments. Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive significantly slow storage volume growth using an in-process compression rate, which is among the highest in the industry at 75%. Both archiving solutions enable you to add multiple repositories for hierarchical storage management and prepare a direct attached disk or use NAS.

Information Loss
Personal information and confidential corporate intelligence contained within email exchanges and file servers can become vulnerable if data is not securely stored. System vulnerabilities can allow “hackers" to access personally identifying or sensitive corporate information, expose it publicly, use it to commit crimes, among them identity theft.

  Solution: Archive Access Controls and Storage Security
Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive deliver the most secure storage system, ready for back up and disaster recovery. Information stored on the archive server is retrievable and restorable. Real-time or journal archiving of emails ensures that all emails and attachments are archived, eliminating the possibility of accidental data deletion. Online and offline security controls keep unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information and from deleting or altering archived data. Data stored on Enterprise Email Archive or Enterprise File Archive is backed up for disaster recovery; the integrity of original documents is also preserved, allowing organizations to convert their entire archive back to its original formats if desired.

Desktop Archive Files
Employees often create PST, NSF, and GroupWise local archive files when faced with mailbox quotas. These local archive files tend to grow very large and are easily corrupted. Desktop archive files decentralize storage management efforts and are difficult to backup and search. This can lead to lengthy discovery times and even data loss in the event of a crash.

  Solution: Enterprise Email Archive’s Migration Tool for PST, NSF, and GroupWise Files
Enterprise Email Archive’s migration tool helps users migrate their existing local archive files to the email archive, allowing the archive administrator to manage the files from a central repository.  With mailbox quotas no longer required and each user capable of searching his or her own archive, Enterprise Email Archive also eliminates the need for users to create new desktop archive files.

Hours of Manual Data Management
IT administrators may spend hours every week managing large storage volumes manually. Between decentralized desktop archive files and overgrown storage on the network server, managing and retrieving data can eat up a lot of time that could be spent more productively.

  Solution: Automated, Policy-Based Archiving
With Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive, the administrator sets the capture and storage parameters by specifying where to store archived data, data retention periods, “stubbing” of emails or attachments, and more. The policy-driven archive automatically and transparently manages historical and new data. The time consuming task of managing mailboxes is eliminated, allowing staff to focus on the business at hand.

Let Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive take the burden of managing and reducing storage off your IT administrators. Contact us for a free online demo to see how MessageSolution can solve your storage problems.

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