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Compliance File Archive Analysis & Storage Cost Management

Data Governance eDiscovery & Ransomware Recovery

MessageSolution File Archive Analysis Platform (FAA) is a comprehensive electronic document retention and storage management solution for global enterprise and SME organizations. Archiving with MessageSolution File Archive dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of managing privacy, responding to multiple subject data requests.

FAA enables global organizations to meet the 2018 compliance requirements of GDPR and upcoming CCPA 2020 for privacy protection, and the network downtime costs associated with malware remediation and data recovery efforts.

Intelligent & Selective Data Archive for Ransomware Recovery

Privacy classification policies when applied to sensitive documents and files, delivers faster and more secured high-value data recovery than traditional backup systems. With same-day ransomware recovery of critical data to network file servers, companies can reduce time and costs to restore these targeted data and prevent costly business interruption after a Ransomware attack.

How Does MessageSolution File Archive Analysis Platform Work?

Delivered both enterprise on-premise and in cloud, MessageSolution File Archive Analysis is a secured archiving software system that runs inside the corporate network or from MessageSolution Cloud and it connects to your existing file systems. The FAA locates, offloads, cleans and stores files that meet organization's archiving, retention and recovery policies. The File Archive's policy-driven features allow the administrator to easily classify and protect sensitive information. The file archive administrator can choose which files to archive, how files are stored, where files are stored based on enterprise' data storage and security protocols, and how long files are stored. Please click here to view the FAA version chart>>

With no need for on-site installation or complicated maintenance, Enterprise File Archive is simple to use and deploys quickly. Authorized staff can search for, retrieve and restore their files immediately, without IT assistance. However, the file archive administrator also allocates employee archive access and activity rights, as determined by an organization's corporate policy. This is especially useful for organizations under compliance regulations.

What are the Benefits of Enterprise File Archive?
MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive is powered by a built-in full text search engine and database that search through millions of emails across global locations and data centers within seconds. No SQL server is required. MessageSolution's next-generation backend design improves search and retrieval speeds and makes backups quick and easy.

1. Reduce File Server Storage 80-90%, Increase Server Performance
MessageSolution EFA effectively reduces file server's file data volume up to 90% by applying file stubbing technology, places large portion of files onto file archive server, and leaves a short cut for user to view and use files with transparent experience.

2. Offload Data to Secondary Storage, Reduce Storage Requirements for the archive up to 75%
The file archiving process compresses and offloads historical files from primary storage devices to less expensive secondary storage, which increases primary server performance, scalability and reliability, while simultaneously reducing storage management costs. The file archive also allows the file archive administrator to designate multiple repositories for hierarchical storage optimization.
MessageSolution's In-process Compression and Single Instance Storage de-duplication technologies reduce storage requirements for the archive by 60-75%, extremely advantageous for the organizations to archive the static and inactive files for a long period of time.

3. Access Corporate Intelligence
Faster, more accurate search functions enable organizations to easily locate and restore files to meet compliance and electronic discovery deadlines. The same next-generation indexing technology used in MessageSolution's Enterprise Email Archive drives the file archive's powerful search features, including full text keyword, key phrase and proximity searching. Enterprise File Archive comes with a user-friendly web-based archive interface, off line archive access and BlackBerry mobile access, along with convenient Windows desktop search integration.

4. Increase Employee and Administrator Productivity
How much time do your organization's staff and IT administrators spend managing storage volumes on a weekly basis? 30 minutes? Multiple hours? Your IT admin may even spend almost a full work day managing old files. Enterprise File Archive's fully automated, transparent file archiving process eliminates the need for staff to manage digital corporate intelligence manually, giving everyone back valuable time that can be spent on current projects.

What Separates Enterprise File Archive from Other File Archiving Products?

Windows Desktop Search Integration

Ease of Use
MessageSolution's engineers designed Enterprise File Archive's interface to be completely user-intuitive—no lengthy, expensive archive use or maintenance classes required.

In-Process Compression and De-Duplication Condense Storage Requirements
While some archiving products may increase storage requirements, Enterprise File Archive's in-process compression process combines with single instance archiving to help organizations eliminate 75% of their original volumes. Enterprise File Archive's powerful archiving and searching features deliver a higher return on investment.

Ease of Archive Maintenance
Intelligent, high performance back-end storage technology delivers a secure and scalable system and requires less maintenance for backup and restoration, lowering installation costs as well as long-term cost of ownership.

MessageSolution Enterprise File Archive Editions
Two Enterprise File Archive editions are available: Enterprise Suite and Compliance Express editions. Both the Enterprise Suite and Compliance Express editions provide users access to archived files from MessageSolution's intuitive web-based interface. The Enterprise Suite edition also provides convenient Desktop Search for Windows, allowing users to search for archived files directly from Windows desktop.

Please click here to view the Enterprise File Archive version chart>>

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