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MessageSolution Inc., The Email Archiving Software Provider Enters China Market, With Its Cross-Platform Enterprise Email Archiving 3.0 Solution Supporting Microsoft Exchange Server On Multiple Operating Systems Including Linux and Windows Platforms
Castro Valley, CA (December 15, 2005) - Followed the successful launch of its flagship product-Enterprise Email Archiving (EEA), and its overwhelming acceptance in the US market, the pioneer in developing and providing electronic mails and messaging management solutions for email archiving compliance, electronic discovery and storage content management, today announced the establishment of its China marketing and sales operation. The new office will be in Beijing the capital city of the country, where has centered the recent decade of the rapid economic growth and the political changes that have heavily influenced the world economy. MessageSolution's new office will start operation in early January 2006 and will focus on the marketing, sales, product development and strategic alliance activities for the China market.

Till June 2005, China owns the 2nd largest online population, second to the US. Industry analysts predict that with China's 1.3 billion population, in addition to Japan, India, Korea and other major countries in Asia, the Asian online population will produce the largest volume of electronic mail, instant messaging and electronic file, and Asian online population will become a force to influence the future world market in email archiving and content management. China market is too big to be ignored.

"Chinese corporate and government email users are facing the same problems as we see in the US corporate environment. It is a universal issue. Our technology is built to solve their problems, thanks to our proprietary indexing technology, the Multi-Linguis-Indexing (TM) developed by our local talented R&D team in China, not only Enterprise Email Archiving (EEA) supports various foreign languages at the UI interface level, but to archive the email in foreign languages from localized email servers and deliver accurate and fast search from content and attachment in any Asian language." Said Jeff Liang, CTO of MessageSolution. "Beijing China now is a central point of almost all high tech Chinese companies of the nation, and the gathering point of most international corporations from all over the world. The email archiving for electronic data management and discovery in Asia is an untapped market. The capital city Beijing in China is the forefront gateway to the coming exponential growth of the China and Asian electronic communication and content management market. In this region we believe MessageSolution's technology will meet the growing demand in email archiving, storage and content management, electronic discovery, policy management, and the electronic-supervision. As the first Cross-Platform email archiving and digital content management solution provider, setting up our branch office here will allow us to establish and keep the close relationships with the large companies and organizations in the region, and in the long term to strategically dominate the email archiving and digital content management market in Asia."

MessageSolution's recent upgrade of Enterprise Email Archiving 3.0 added significant improvements to extend the foundation and framework of the EEA architecture as the infrastructure for secured enterprise digital data management and content retention. EEA 3.0 builds upon its cutting-edge cross-platform content storage management architecture, provides customer-driven features, including highly compatible connectivity with superior scalability and data compression to accommodate extreme large data volume; the single instance storage and global enterprise support for immediate web access to the archived email data anywhere anytime; and automated PST migration for the versatile corporate users.

As the corporate customers implement Enterprise Email Archiving 3.0 onsite, EEA3.0 is mounted on a network of highly secured data storage vaults, and email is automatically copied and sent through secured network to EEA where it is stored to multiple, non-tamperable digital data format. With indefinite storage time and from trillions of such safely stored documents, EEA's proprietary Multi-Structural Indexing (TM) technology allows each specific document retrieval through the internet instantaneously, without geographic limitation.

MessageSolution's Enterprise Email Archiving is the first email archiving solution launched to the market that supports Linux platform. In addition to archiving the contents of the files and messages, Enterprise Email Archiving captures, indexes and archives all compliance-related metadata.

While actively expanding its strategic alliances in the market to build a stream of strong partnership in the sector of electronic compliance, digital content storage management, and corporate network security, MessageSolution is well positioned to dominate today's corporate email archiving market in the Linux space.

For the potential partnership development, please contact;
For the strategic partnership development and to understand the China market, please visit the MessageSolution's Chinese site at

About MessageSolution:
Based in Silicon Valley, California, MessageSolution is the leading provider in email and instant message archiving, compliance, and content storage management. MessageSolution helps enterprises and government to mitigate risk and reduce costs, while complying with legal, regulatory and corporate policy. MessageSolution's technologies enable organizations to capture, preserve and access unstructured email, attachment, files and other electronic records. MessageSolution's email archiving systems are available as onsite software applications, and include a broad set of professional services and integration support. Since its inception, MessageSolution's products successfully serve a broad range of companies in different industries, including corporations, law firms and government agencies worldwide. For more information, visit

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