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Email Archiving Solution Provider MessageSolution Offers Six-Month Free Trial Program In Q1 2006, With Enterprise Email ArchivingTM 3.0 Windows/Linux Multi-Platforms Support
Castro Valley, CA December 19, 2005 -- MessageSolution Inc. the pioneer in developing and providing email and instant message archiving, legal search, electronic discovery, and content storage management for enterprises to archive the regulatory compliance, today announced its Six-Month Free Trial Program for all prospective clients.

"Many firms are under the time pressure for the upcoming compliance deadline. Most of time when a company is rushing into a purchasing decision, they would make mistakes. In archiving software selection process, a few weeks or couple of months testing and trial normally are not enough to make sure if an archiving solution works well for a company," said Simone Kallasvuo, VP of International Sales at MessageSolution. "To help our clients to have sufficient time to evaluate the product and in consequence to make the best decision, MessageSolution's offer of the six-month free trial program is to send a message to the market and to our clients that we have 100% confidence in our product features and quality. The program is funded by MDF and we offer free installation assistance with no upfront cost. Basically our archiving system can be up and running for a client within a few hours with no cost for six months."

MessageSolution's Enterprise Email Archiving 3.0 (EEA) is entirely developed in-house with disciplined cost-control, which made EEA the most competitively priced email archiving product with the highest performance quality in the market. Unlike most archiving products in the marketplace, the Enterprise Email Archiving system, innovatively designed and developed by MessageSolution's engineering team, requires no third party commercial software, such as MSFT SQL Server or Oracle Database. To the medium and small firms these could turn into a few thousand dollars extra cost, and most of email archiving software vendors' licensing fees do not include these third party software costs. It makes MessageSolution's Enterprise Email Archiving 3.0 system truly the most competitive email archiving solution in features, quality, and in pricing today.

About Enterprise Email Archiving 3.0
MessageSolution's Enterprise Email Archiving is the first email archiving solution launched to the market that supports multi-platforms OS including Windows and the Linux platform - which is a fast growing and a first choice of server platforms in the corporate environment throughout the world because of its highly secured, reliable, robust, and cost-effective nature.

As the corporate customers implement Enterprise Email Archiving 3.0 onsite, EEA 3.0 is mounted on a network of highly secured data storage vaults, and email is automatically copied and sent through secured network to EEA where it is stored to multiple, non-tamperable digital data format, so to offload the email and digital communication volumes from the email servers. With indefinite storage time stored and from trillions of such safely stored documents, EEA's proprietary Multi-Structural Indexing™ technology allows each specific document retrieval through the internet instantaneously, without geographic limitation.

About MessageSolution:
Based in Silicon Valley, California, MessageSolution is the leading provider in email and instant message archiving, compliance, and content storage management. MessageSolution helps enterprises and government to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and optimize server performance while complying with legal, regulatory and corporate policy. MessageSolution's technologies enable organizations to capture, preserve and access unstructured emails, attachments, files and other electronic records. MessageSolution's email archiving systems are available as onsite software applications, and include a broad set of professional services and integration support. Since its inception, MessageSolution's products successfully serve a broad range of companies in different industries, including corporations, law firms and government agencies worldwide. For more information, visit

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