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MessageSolution Enterprise Information Archiving, Intelligent eDiscovery Platform and Email Migration Technologies Showcasing at Novell BrainShare Expo 2011

As the global technology leader, MessageSolution offers high-performance enterprise information archiving & eDiscovery on both Cloud and On-Premise platforms to ensure that organizations meet their compliance, legal discovery, storage management and email migration needs

Salt Lake City, Utah (October 10, 2011), Milpitas, CA: MessageSolution, the global technology leader in enterprise information archiving and eDiscovery for GroupWise, Exchange, Domino, will be showcasing its award-winning Enterprise Email, File System, and SharePoint archiving systems as well as its eDiscovery and email cross-platform GroupWise-Exchange Multi-Tenant Archiving Platforms at Novell BrainShare Expo 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

MessageSolution enables organizations on GroupWise email platform to archive and preserve their emails, attachments, calendar and contact items for compliance and legal discovery processes. MessageSolution Enterprise eDiscovery Platform offers advanced legal support features including case management, legal review, data redaction, litigation hold notification, etc. MessageSolution Multi-Tenant Archiving Platform empowers managed service providers (MSPs) and hosting firms to deliver a cost-effective, cloud archiving and eDiscovery solution to SME/SMB organizations, school districts and enterprise customers with multiple organizations that require multiple archiving repositories on the same hardware server configuration. This cost-effectively ensures regulatory compliance requirements, eDiscovery, as well as reduces email server storage.

“Our proficiency in providing individual archives for hundreds of GroupWise organizations on one single archiving system puts us in a leading position in the market to offer a multi-tenant archiving and eDiscovery solution to school districts and the data center environments for hosting firms,” said Kevin McInerney, MessageSolution Global Strategist. “With our ground-breaking scalability, we are able to offer the hosting partners the cloud-based technology to archive thousands of users from hundreds of different organizations on a single archiving system or millions of users with a clustered archiving platform all while providing each organization its own archiving administration console and independent archiving system separated from other organizations stored on the same hardware server.”

Taking advantage of MessageSolution’s top industry scalability records, organizations on GroupWise have the option to either manage their own archiving system on-premise, or outsource their archiving implementation to MessageSolution’s cloud-based, hosted archiving and eDiscovery services. A recent case study also reflects MessageSolution unique capability with its email cross-platform GroupWise-Exchange multi-tenant archiving solution. After successfully partnering with EduTech, a leading online IT service provider for school districts, MessageSolution was able to deploy its Multi-Tenant Archiving Platform for 51 different school districts with over 25,000 email users along with the email cross-platform on GroupWise and Exchange servers. Each school district has its own individual archive, each with its own administration console and all users’ personal archives leveraged on a single hardware server and storage configuration. This cost-effectively meets all of the school districts’ compliance and eDiscovery requirements.

Enterprise On-Premise and Private Cloud (Dedicated-Hosting) Solutions: In addition to providing the archiving solution on customers’ premises or in a public, open cloud, MessageSolution Enterprise Archiving & eDiscovery Cloud Services offer organizations a private cloud, dedicated-hosting environment which includes extended modules. These provide an all-in-one archiving and eDiscovery solution for email, SharePoint, documents and files that are available for organizations of all sizes. MessageSolution Enterprise Archiving & eDiscovery Services are hosted in multiple secured data center locations or in Amazon’s EC2 global cloud network. Data is encrypted as it leaves the enterprise customer’s corporate networks. It is securely stored with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and RSA secure encryption algorithms in the archive with high availability and disaster recovery.

Enterprise eDiscovery Platform for Email, File Systems and SharePoint: MessageSolution Enterprise eDiscovery Platform is able to collect and index data found on live email platforms including Microsoft Exchange servers (version from 5.5 to Exchange 2010), IBM Domino 6.5 – 8.5, GroupWise server 6.5 – 8.0, live SharePoint environment, file servers and shares, large network attached storage devices (NAS and SAN), live journals (including envelope journals), and personal folders (PST/NSF/GroupWise files). Main features include: Case Management, Early Case Assessment, Culling, Legal Review, Litigation Hold Notification, Collaboration and Data Redaction. The Enterprise eDiscovery Platform is fully integrated with MessageSolution Enterprise Archive, which pinpoints, captures and retrieves emails, files, or SharePoint files on or offline for live court presentation and legal production process. It also places Litigation Hold on all archived emails and file documents throughout the entire organization. MessageSolution eDiscovery Platform streamlines data collection for emails and files from Exchange, File servers and SharePoint environments for processing, analysis, culling-down, and reviewing phases of eDiscovery for legal cases. Legal teams use the eDiscovery system’s culling capabilities to prune large datasets in order to decrease their size and ensure that only relevant data is included. This can end up saving up to 80% of manual legal review costs.

Enterprise Email Cross-Platform Migration System: MessageSolution Enterprise Email Cross-Platform Migration System offers organizations the ability to move bi-directionally from Domino, GroupWise and Exchange in any direction. Although it is typically considered a daunting task, MessageSolution is able to consolidate steps to provide an efficient, high-value migration experience.

“Being the technology and innovation leader in the market, MessageSolution is the only archiving and eDiscovery provider today to offer on-premise enterprise solutions to large enterprise clients, private cloud dedicated hosting services to the enterprise, mid-market and SME clients as well as the cross-platform Multi-Tenant Archiving Platform for the managed service and hosting firms.” Kevin Mcinerney continued, “With MessageSolution, customers have more options to choose from, and partners have more business opportunities to support their clients’ unique archiving, compliance and legal discovery requirements.”

MessageSolution will be exhibiting at the Novell BrainShare Expo 2011 on October 10 – 14 at the Salt Lake City Convention Center # 921.

About MessageSolution, Inc.
Founded in 2004, MessageSolution is headquartered in Milpitas, California with operations in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific region and China. Independent and innovative, MessageSolution, Inc. offers award winning cross-platform migration, integrated enterprise archiving for compliance, electronic discovery, and storage management for both on-premise and Cloud environments.

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