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Press Releases
MessageSolution Showcases Advanced Legal Discovery Features
at LegalTech 2012

MessageSolution, the global technology leader in enterprise information archiving and eDiscovery, will be exhibiting its award-winning On-Premise, Cloud, & MSP Hosted Platforms at Legal Tech 2012 in Los Angeles, California, May 22-23, 2012.

Milpitas, CA and Los Angeles, CA (May 22, 2012): MessageSolution, Inc.,
MessageSolution, Inc., the global technology leader in enterprise archiving & eDiscovery solutions showcases its enterprise legal discovery, information archiving and migration solutions at LegalTech in Los Angeles, California, May 22-23, 2012.

LegalTech invites the market’s most innovative leaders in technology to showcase their product expertise to help law practices manage and drastically improve client retention and internal management. Alongside the industry’s best is MessageSolution, a leader in enterprise information archiving and legal discovery technology with product deployments in over 50 countries. MessageSolution will be showcasing their advanced legal features at LegalTech 2012- supporting litigation, ensuring compliance, and reducing storage costs for legal clients and enterprises.

“In addition to offering our advanced Enterprise eDiscovery Platform, we are the only enterprise information archiving provider to deliver a data redaction feature that’s built into our Enterprise Email Archiving platform, which ensures compliance for regulations like HIPAA and PCI,” said Global Marketing Strategist Kevin McInerney. “These eDiscovery capabilities help law practices support litigation and compliance by automating the document review process, in addition to reducing legal review and file processing cost by over 50%.”

MessageSolution Enterprise Archive & eDiscovery Platform 6.0 includes expanded features such as federated search capabilities and legal hold notifications. The federated search allows users to search through email, SharePoint/Quickr, and file archive repositories in global geographic locations through one user interface. Legal hold notifications serve as a preservation notice to alert legal counsels, administrators and relevant account custodians of new legal hold policies and the escalation of established ones.

With the MessageSolution eDiscovery Platform, administrators or authorized legal counsel can place either an entire mailbox on legal hold or select individual messages to prevent manual or automated deletion. Retention policies can be independently set for each policy and data disposition can be fully automated. The Case Management feature allows for legal collaboration and monitoring of multiple legal cases by the legal team. The MessageSolution Enterprise eDiscovery Platform enables administrators to enforce governance policies for retention, create and escalate legal holds, increase the legal review performance, instantly access and search data, and drastically reduce legal costs.

On-Premise & Cloud Flexibility: “Many of our clients have chosen MessageSolution for our deployment flexibility. We offer in-house solutions for enterprises looking to comply with regulation, but also recognize that enterprise clients are keenly interested in the value of Cloud,” said McInerney. “Fortunately, we are pleased to offer both options without compromising any features - giving our customers flexibility and choice no matter what organization size.”

Cloud Computing Platform: MessageSolution offers a duality of cloud environments for large and medium sized businesses. No matter what the organization size, the MessageSolution Cloud Computing Platform can support private cloud environments or public cloud hosting. MessageSolution’s full-text index engine delivers fast and accurate search results from millions of emails, while their breakthrough storage management technology reduces corporate message stores by more than 80% and guarantees sub-second data retrieval.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Platform: The MSP platform allows multiple companies to be archived in one hardware server, while giving administrators under separate servers access to manage and archive a single company’s data. The MSP Hosted Multi-Tenant Platform is integrated with Outlook, Domino, GroupWise client integration- providing transparent user experiences with real-time storage reduction capability.

Migration Services: MessageSolution, Inc. has been recognized as the technology leader in cross-platform migration across different email, file, and SharePoint environments. There are three levels of migration in conjunction with MessageSolution Enterprise Archive and eDiscovery solutions. They offer: 1) Email migration in PST, NSF and GroupWise files; 2) Migration from all data sources to SharePoint; and 3) Advanced migration services to move organizations from GroupWise or Domino servers to Exchange.

MessageSolution Migration Platform is indispensable during legal mergers and acquisitions, allowing law practices to maintain their fluidity of business while ensuring all technical migrations are seamlessly executed.

In the recent years, MessageSolution’s product development team has achieved the following:
  • Unified search of all archived repositories for email, SharePoint files, file share contents, Lync/OCS server files, etc., and global federated search of all geographic locations for distributed system deployment.
  • Full support of Outlook 2011 Mac Entourage (the first Outlook 2011 integration in the market)
  • Full support of Exchange 2010 (First Exchange 2010 Web Service Protocol Integration in the market for both On-Premise and Cloud Archiving & eDiscovery implementations)
  • A complete integration with Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 (With “0” footprint on Exchange consuming “0” resource on Exchange Server)
  • Fully support Windows Server 2008 64-bit Platform (The first in the market 64-bit enterprise-class archiving application)
  • Providing a complete advanced eDiscovery solution for Microsoft Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2007 – 2010, File Systems; IBM Lotus Notes Domino 6.5 upwards, Novell GroupWise 7.0+, and Linux-based email platforms such Postfix, Zimbra, Kerio, Scalix, and more.

  • “We offer flexible options to either deliver our solutions on-premise, to have the solution hosted by MSP partners in their datacenters, or to have it managed in the MessageSolution Cloud Archiving & eDiscovery Platform.” McInerney continued, “Our products have the ability to deploy over 20,000 users on a single archive server and over 100,000 users in the server cluster environment- a feat that puts us at the forefront of the enterprise information archiving industry.”

    MessageSolution will be showcasing its archiving and eDiscovery solutions at LegalTech 2012 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, CA on May 22-23, 2012.

    The MessageSolution Difference
    While most solutions integrate with Exchange, a significantly less number operate with Linux or Domino servers- MessageSolution integrates with all major email servers, making their technology versatile and innovative. MessageSolution provides sub-second data retrieval, an intuitive interface with federated search capabilities, and easy deployment. MessageSolution's intelligent back-end design significantly reduces installation requirements, backup time, and the need for technical support.

    MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive™ is a powerful enterprise archiving solution, deftly managing petabytes of data on a daily basis. Legal eDiscovery and litigation support are empowered by the archive’s built-in search engine, which searches through millions of emails within seconds across global locations and data centers. Users can access their archive through their email client, browser, or BlackBerry.

    MessageSolution delivers the industry’s highest enterprise-level scalability and holds the industry record of archiving 25,000 users on one single MessageSolution archive server. Moreover, MessageSolution provides minimum hardware server configuration to archive for over hundreds of thousands of users. Competitive vendors archive on average 3,000-5,000 users on a single archive server, 5-8 times less than MessageSolution archiving system.

    Enterprise Email Archive™ further reduces organizations' storage costs by using only 25% of the original mail server storage space for live content archiving. MessageSolution's products support all Latin-based languages, as well as all character-based languages like as Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.

    About MessageSolution, Inc.
    MessageSolution, Inc., - an industry leader in email, file and SharePoint archiving, eDiscovery and bi-directional migration- has spent years developing working solutions to real-world, industry concerns. With Cloud, Multi-Tenant and On-Premise solutions available, MessageSolution enables organizations of all sizes from all walks of life to mitigate risk, reduce storage costs and requirements, optimize server performance, and comply with industry and federal regulations. MessageSolution Enterprise Archiving and eDiscovery Platform supplies the organizational and governing backbone to manage the lifecycle of electronic stored data (ESI) by fully integrating with all aspects of the Lotus Notes, Exchange, GroupWise and more.

    Based in Silicon Valley, California, MessageSolution maintains operations in North America, Europe, and Mainland China, along with distribution channels in Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia Pacific & the Middle East. For more information, visit or call at (408) 383-0100 for further information.

    Company Contact:
    MessageSolution, Inc.
    1851 McCarthy Blvd. Suite
    Milpitas, CA 95035
    Phone +001 (408) 383-0100
    Fax +001 (408) 383-0222
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    European Media Contact:
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