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MessageSolution Unveils its Integration with Parallels Automation Platform at Parallels Summit 2011

MessageSolution unveils its integration with Parallels Automation, which allows managed service providers (MSP) and hosting firms to deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) archiving and eDiscovery solutions to SME and enterprise customers to meet the requirements of regulatory compliance, eDiscovery, email server storage reduction, and litigation support.

Orlando Florida, and Silicon Valley, CA, February 22, 2010 – MessageSolution, Inc., the global technology leader in providing award-winning enterprise email, file systems, and SharePoint Software as a Service (SaaS) and on-premise enterprise archiving for eDiscovery, litigation support, compliance, storage management, and email cross-platform migrations, today unveils its integration with Parallels Automation, Parallels’ most recent release of its provisioning and billing system that allows managed service providers (MSP) and hosting firms to quickly establish and deliver a SaaS multi-tenant archiving and eDiscovery service hosted in MSP’s own datacenters for hosted SME and enterprise clients’ regulatory compliance, eDiscovery, and storage management requirements.

The integration with Parallels’ system allows MessageSolution to enable managed service providers to quickly launch a SaaS email and eDiscovery solution to help providers’ clients' archiving implementation for compliance, eDiscovery, and email server storage management. Parallels Automation contains a complete provisioning system to deliver business automation management and a billing/reporting system.

“By hosting MessageSolution MSP Multi-tenant Archiving/eDiscovery Datacenter Edition in addition to the previously established hosted software services, MSP partners have the flexibility of making their own fee structure, including Historical Data Ingestion, eDiscovery mass data retrieval services, data storage fees, and more,” said Kevin McInerney, Marketing Strategist at MessageSolution. “MSP partners are able to generate 250-400% more annual revenue than implementing and re-selling a traditional SaaS archiving service hosted by a SaaS archiving vendor.”

“In the less than two years since it was first released in 2009, MessageSolution’s MSP Multi-Tenant Archiving and eDiscovery solution has been quickly accepted by MSP partners around the world and deployed for SME and enterprise client environments, in both public and private cloud.” McInerney continued. “Today our MSP solution operates in various-sized global MSP partners’ data centers, from smaller datacenters with a couple hundred users to large providers and Cloud environments that host millions of users. The growth rate is incredible.”

A leading innovator in the enterprise information archiving (EIA) and eDiscovery space, MessageSolution is the first enterprise live archiving and eDiscovery provider to deliver a turn-key multi-tenant solution that is deployed in managed service providers' data centers around the world, offering compliance archiving and eDiscovery services to organizations ranging from a few hundred email users up to MSP’s multi-million user-base environments managed by the MSP partners.

As a technology provider supporting global MSP partners' software services, MessageSolution works closely with technology partners such as Parallels to develop application package service (APS) to support Parallels Automation System as well as MSP partners around the world to help partners build their SaaS archiving systems. MessageSolution Enterprise Archiving and eDiscovery Suite is available for email servers and services including Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise, Cisco WebEX Mail, Google Mail, Zimbra, Postfix, Scalix, Kerio, Imail, Qmail, Sun Server, and more.

“Cloud computing and Software as a Service models became increasingly popular during the economic downturn, when increasing a budget in order to purchase an in-house enterprise solution was truly cost-prohibitive,” McInerney explained. “As the technology leader in the live archiving and eDiscovery space, MessageSolution is harnessing the tremendous growth of this market: in the past year alone, more MSP partners have signed up with our MSP program and more customers have taken on our SaaS archiving program than ever before.”

In addition to MessageSolution’s on-premise and SaaS enterprise information archiving and eDiscovery solutions, MessageSolution Email Cross-Platform Migration System helps enterprises to quickly convert from Novell GroupWise servers or Lotus Notes Domino to a Microsoft in-house Exchange, online Office 365 (BPOS), or Google environment, with the option to establish a centralized eDiscovery and enterprise archiving system in parallel with the completion of the email cross-platform migration process.

MessageSolution is to exhibit its leading edge new solution portfolio at Parallels Summit 2011 in Orlando, Florida, at booth #728 from February 22 - 25, 2011, at Novell BrainShare Expo 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah, in March, as well as at Microsoft TechEd Expo 2011 in Georgia in June of 2011.

About MessageSolution, Inc.
MessageSolution is the global technology leader in providing award-winning email, file system, NSF Database and SharePoint/Quickr archiving for electronic discovery, compliance, content storage management, and email cross-platform migrations. With products and services delivered both on-premise and as Software as a Service (SaaS), MessageSolution enables organizations to mitigate risk, reduce costs and storage requirements, optimize server performance, and comply with industry and federal regulations. Based in Silicon Valley, California, MessageSolution maintains operations in North America, Europe, and Mainland China, along with distribution channels in Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia Pacific.

MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive, Enterprise File Archive, Enterprise SharePoint Archive, NSF Database Archive and Enterprise Migration System are on-premise solutions and Software as a Service (SaaS) archiving services implemented for organizations across all industries, including finance, health care, education, manufacturing, government agencies and non-profit organizations worldwide. MessageSolution software frees IT administrators from daily maintenance and increases overall employee productivity. For more information, visit

MessageSolution is actively working with partners around the world to implement MessageSolution software products for global clients of all sizes. Please visit our web site for more information on the Global Partner Network Program.

What Differentiates MessageSolution Products
On-premise and SaaS customers continually emphasize MessageSolution products' excellent overall performance, support of all major email servers, and ease of use combined with a rich feature set. MessageSolution provides sub-second data retrieval, an intuitive interface, and ease of deployment and maintenance. MessageSolution's intelligent back-end design significantly reduces installation requirements, backup time, and the need for technical support.

MessageSolution Email Cross-Platform Migration System for GroupWise and Domino to Exchange or Google, providing organizations with high-speed email platform conversion with accuracy, migrate mailboxes, calendar, contact and addresses all major business information, with option to establish a corporate archiving and eDiscovery system simultaneously.

MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive™ deftly manages petabytes of data daily, a powerful enterprise archiving solution. Electronic discovery and litigation support are empowered by the archive’s built-in search engine, which searches through millions of emails within seconds across global locations and data centers. Users can access their archive through their email client, browser, or BlackBerry and iPhone.

In the first quarter of 2009, MessageSolution became the first archiving vendor in the market to deliver a true 64-bit application that runs on a 64-bit OS machine, and subsequently delivered the first in the market Exchange 2010 Web Services integrated archiving and eDiscovery system.

MessageSolution delivers the industry’s highest enterprise-class scalability and holds the industry record of archiving over 25,000 users on one single MessageSolution archive server, 5-8 times over competitions; and with clustered archiving system configuration to archive over hundreds of thousands of users in datacenter environment. Competitive vendors archive on average 3,000-5,000 users on a single archive server, much less than MessageSolution archiving system’s scalability and flexibility. MessageSolution’s industry record scalability and flexibility of being deployed on cross-platform either Windows or native Linux-based servers are well accepted by managed service providers’ (MSP) data center environment, delivering MSP partners with significantly lowered cost on hardware and software OS requirements for datacenter operations.

MessageSolution’s in-process compression combined with Single Instance Storage (SIS) deduplication of message, attachment and file archiving reduces archive storage requirements.

MessageSolution Enterprise Archive Suite™ further reduces organizations’ storage costs by using only 25-30% of the original mail server storage space for live content archiving.

MessageSolution's products support all Latin-based languages, as well as all character-based languages, such as Japanese and Chinese.

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