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MessageSolution Exhibits Cloud-Based Integrated Archiving Solution for Email, File Systems and SharePoint at SaaSCon 2010, Kicks off MessageSolution SaaS Tour 2010

Silicon Valley, CA, April 7, 2010 – MessageSolution, Inc., the global technology leader in live archiving for email, file systems, SharePoint, on-premise and Software as a Service (SaaS) in electronic discovery, litigation support, compliance, storage management, and email server migrations, announced the kick off of the MessageSolution SaaS Tour 2010 at the SaaSCon 2010 Expo, exhibiting its first in the market, all-in-one, integrated cloud-based enterprise information archiving (EIA) solution for email, file systems and SharePoint.

As the leading innovator in the live archiving space, MessageSolution is the first SaaS and on-premise archiving solution provider in the market to archive and stub for all top-ranked email server platforms, including Exchange, Domino, GroupWise, file systems and SharePoint, delivering compliance archiving for all Unix/Linux-based email servers, and file servers for NTFS/NFS/NSS/Netware. MessageSolution Enterprise Migration System helps organizations to migrate between email servers, such as GroupWise or Domino to Exchange bi-directional, and SharePoint or BPOS migration from multiple source systems. MessageSolution is first in the market to perform simultaneous mail server migration, archiving and stubbing all in one streamlined process, to meet clients’ requirements of email server migration and archiving for compliance, server storage management, e-discovery and litigation support.

“MessageSolution SaaS tour is to showcase our unified SaaS archiving solution for email, file systems, and SharePoint. Partners, SME and enterprise customers choose MessageSolution SaaS archiving services and solutions because of the additional functions we have integrated that were only being offered in onpremise solutions, function such as stub attachments or email contents to reduce up to 90% of email server storage requirement and still allows users to transparently access emails and attchments from Outlook, OWA, Lotus Notes, DWA, and GroupWise client software." said Jeff Liang, CTO at MessageSolution, Inc.

MessageSolution’s SaaS Tour 2010 is designed to introduce to various prospective SaaS partners and customers how MessageSolution’s cloud-based archiving allows enterprise customers to take advantage of MessageSolution's newly released all-in-one SaaS archiving solutions at affordable rates. Even the international organizations with multiple locations in different countries still are able to take advantage of MessageSolution’s SaaS Global Network’s clouddriven archives in numerous geographical locations, managed by MessageSolution or its international SaaS Partners around the world.

Leading analyst Gartner reported in February of 2010 that the archiving market has evolved to include a broader focus on enterprise information archiving (EIA) and that today's products are predominately focused on the subset of EIA comprised of unstructured user files, email, files and SharePoint.

“MessageSolution leads the SaaS archiving market and was the first to offer unified archiving services of all platforms of EIA, email, files, and SharePoint.” Liang continued. “This is for organizations that choose to quickly start affordable archiving without too much hardware investment upfront, and as their business grows they have the option to move archiving in-house with our on-premise solution or continue with our SaaS archiving services”.

MessageSolution SaaS multi-tenancy archiving solution is selected by OEM SaaS Partners around the world because of MessageSolution’s design philosophy of architecting for scale and its patent-pending storage and database technology, leveraging low-cost storage grids to maintain the lowest-cost growth possible to operate while still delivering exceptional performance. Today MessageSolution holds the industry scalability record of archiving data from tens of thousands of users on one single archive server, 5-8 times over competitors. MessageSolution also delivered the first 64 bit application in the market to support 64 bit machines.

Field-proven in markets filled with low-grade computers and storage bricks, such as Africa and Asia, and through cost-effective global implementations performed online, MessageSolution’s design philosophy allows MessageSolution cloudbased archiving systems to consume minimum hardware and storage resources for large-scale millions of user bases and long-term archiving operations at a fraction of the cost required to run competitors' SaaS or hosted services. This allows MessageSolution to offer the lowest cost SaaS multi-tenancy solution to be deployed in global partners’ data centers to maximize partners' service profitability at the lowest cost-growth ratio, thereby fully utilizing partners' expertise in providing fully managed archiving services designed for organizations of all sizes. The cloud-based archiving services managed by MessageSolution are also cost-effective.

MessageSolution’s multi-tenancy solution is also a favorite choice of organizations such as public school districts or government entities with multiple subordinate divisions. School districts’ dozens of schools require multiple separate archive tenants divided accordingly, while the central archive is collectively managed by the school district's master IT administration team at the district’s data center.

MessageSolution’s SaaS, Hybrid and On-Premise archiving supports all major email servers, including Microsoft Exchange Server, IBM Lotus Domino Server, Novell Groupwise Server Scalix, Kerio, Postfix, Postpath, Zimbra, Imail, Qmail, Sendmail, MDaemon and Sun server, etc., as well as delivering archiving for SharePoint, and for file systems on NST/NFS/NSS/Netware. MessageSolution Enterprise Archive Suite can be run on both Windows or Linux OS, supports VMware, and also is the first archiving solution and service in the market to simultaneously cross-support archiving for all compatible mail servers.

MessageSolution will be exhibiting among selected business partners in the heart of Silicon Valley at the SaaSCon Expo in Santa Clara, at booth #113 from April 6- 7, 2010. The MessageSolution SaaS Tour 2010 will continue throughout the U.S., making stops at numerous archiving, storage and Cloud computing events, such as Interop 2010, HostingCon 2010, etc.

About MessageSolution, Inc.
MessageSolution is the global technology leader in email, SharePoint, and file systems archiving for electronic discovery, compliance, content storage management, and email server migrations. With products and services delivered both on-premise and as Software as a Service (SaaS), MessageSolution enables organizations to mitigate risk, reduce costs and storage requirements, optimize server performance, and comply with industry and federal regulations. Based in Silicon Valley, California, MessageSolution maintains operations in North America, Europe, and Mainland China, along with distribution channels in Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia Pacific.

MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive, Enterprise File Archive, Enterprise SharePoint Archive, and Enterprise Migration System are on-premise solutions and Software as a Service (SaaS) archiving services implemented for organizations across all industries, including finance, health care, education, manufacturing, government agencies and non-profit organizations worldwide. MessageSolution software frees IT administrators from daily maintenance and increases overall employee productivity. For more information, visit

MessageSolution is actively working with partners around the world to work with global clients of all sizes. Please visit our web site for more information on the Global Partner Network Program.

What Differentiates MessageSolution Products
On-premise and SaaS customers continually emphasize MessageSolution products' excellent overall performance, support of all major email servers, and ease of use combined with a rich feature set. MessageSolution provides sub-second data retrieval, an intuitive interface, and ease of deployment and maintenance. MessageSolution's intelligent back-end design significantly reduces installation requirements, backup time, and the need for technical support.

MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive™ deftly manages petabytes of data daily, a powerful enterprise archiving solution. Electronic discovery and litigation support are empowered by the archive’s built-in search engine, which searches through millions of emails within seconds across global locations and data centers. Users can access their archive through their email client, browser, or BlackBerry.

In the first quarter of 2009, MessageSolution became the first archiving vendor in the market to deliver a true 64-bit application that runs on a 64-bit OS machine.

MessageSolution delivers the industry’s highest enterprise-class scalability and holds the industry record of archiving tens of thousands of users on one single MessageSolution archive server, 5-8 times over competitions. Competitive vendors archive on average 3,000-5,000 users on a single archive server, much less than MessageSolution archiving system’s scalability and flexibility. A high in-process compression rate combined with Single Instance Storage (SIS) de-duplication of message, attachment and file archiving slows archive storage growth.

MessageSolution Enterprise Archive Suite™ further reduces organizations' storage costs by using only 25-30% of the original mail server storage space for live content archiving. MessageSolution's products support all Latin-based languages, as well as all character-based languages, such as Japanese and Chinese.

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