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MessageSolution Archiving & eDiscovery Platform, Enterprise Solution and Cloud Services Featured at Microsoft TechEd Conference

Global technology leader MessageSolution offers advanced enterprise archiving and eDiscovery in both On-Premise and Cloud platforms. Enterprise clients migrating to Exchange 2010 or Office 365 with archiving and eDiscovery requirements are exploring cost effective options - MessageSolution continues to be the winning choice.

Atlanta, Georgia (May 16, 2011), Milpitas, CA: MessageSolution, Inc., the global technology leader in email cross-platform migration, enterprise archiving and eDiscovery solutions, today showcases its enterprise migration, archiving and eDiscovery solutions at Microsoft TechEd Expo in Atlanta Georgia.

After successful deployment of its enterprise class archiving solutions for the global clients including U.S. Department of Commerce, Toyota, Staples, Honda, etc, MessageSolution continues to attract enterprise clients moving to Exchange 2010 or Office 365 from GroupWise or Domino platforms. With its unique ability to provide award-winning enterprise archiving and eDiscovery solutions both on-premise and in the Cloud, MessageSolution has become the “Go To” company for enterprises looking for proven options to replace legacy archiving systems.

On-Premise vs. Cloud: “Enterprise clients are keenly interested in the value of Cloud relative to on-premise deployments.” said Kevin Mcinerney, Global Marketing Strategist for MessageSolution, Inc. “Fortunately, we are pleased to offer both options to SME as well as large enterprise clients.”

Organizations that migrate from GroupWise or Domino to Exchange or Microsoft’s hosted Office 365 has given rise to enterprise rethinking their archiving technology and looking to migrate that as well. The value MessageSolution brings to the organizations is the flexibility of enterprise class archiving, which can be implemented before, after or during migration while meeting the organizations compliance and eDiscovery requirements.

MessageSolution, Inc. has been recognized as the technology leader in cross-platform migration, efficiently moving organizations from GroupWise or Domino to Exchange. However, its signature technology is found in combination of migration and enterprise archiving. “Our ability to scale is unmatched” Said Mcinerney. “We meet the needs of hundred user companies to Fortune 100 organizations.” Mcinerney noted their deployments of over 20,000 users on a single archive server and over 100,000 users in the server cluster environment”.

Public and Private Cloud: In addition to email archiving for public open cloud, MessageSolution Enterprise Archive SaaS edition is an all-in-one live archiving and eDiscovery solution for email, file and SharePoint available for organizations of all sizes on private cloud. The award-winning Enterprise Email Archive software as a service (SaaS) edition offers the enterprise class archiving and eDiscovery services for organizations’ storage management, compliance, eDiscovery and litigation support. MessageSolution’s full-text index engine delivers fast and accurate search results from millions of emails, while MessageSolution’s breakthrough storage management technology reduces corporate message stores by more than 80% and guarantees sub-second data retrieval.

Businesses can implement MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive SaaS Edition for Exchange, Domino, GroupWise, and Linux-based environments. SaaS archiving allows businesses to implement a best-of-breed archiving eDiscovery solution in record time with minimal upfront costs.

MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive SaaS Edition is hosted in multiple secured data center locations or Amazon EC2 global cloud network. Data is encrypted as it leaves the enterprise customer’s corporate networks where it is securely stored with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and RSA secure encryption algorithms in the archive, with industry-leading archiving performance, high availability and disaster recovery.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Multi-Tenant Platform: MessageSolution transcended its award-winning on-Premise enterprise archiving solution to a MSP Multi-Tenant Archiving Platform, leveraging its unparalleled scalability to archive and store tens of thousands of users from hundreds of companies with separated archives and administration instances in each archiving server configuration.

Administrators from different companies only manage and users view its own company’s email and data, have no access to other companies’ data. The MSP Multi-Tenant Platform is also integrated with Outlook, Domino, GroupWise client integration, providing award-winning transparent client user experiences with real-time email server storage reduction capability.

eDiscovery Platform: MessageSolution eDiscovery Platform key features include: Case management, early case assessment, legal review, litigation hold collaboration and data redaction. eDiscovery Platform fully integrates with MessageSolution Enterprise Archive, which pinpoints, captures and retrieves emails for live court presentation or deposition process, and places litigation hold on all archived emails and documents throughout entire organization.

MessageSolution eDiscovery Platform processes voluminous amounts of documentation: search, collect, cull, review, refine, redact, preserve and print all emails, attachments and files. Data collection for electronic stored information (ESI) is no longer limited by geographic location. MessageSolution eDiscovery Platform empowers corporate legal counsel and HR managers to manage case load, mitigate risk and respond to court mandates quickly. MessageSolution eDiscovery Platform is a high performance litigation support system that removes roadblocks for corporate legal counsels, HR managers, and compliance officers.

Enterprise Email Cross-Platform Migration System: MessageSolution has the leading Enterprise class, cross-platform migration system that offers the organization the ability to move from GroupWise, Domino and Exchange in any direction. Typically considered a daunting task, MessageSolution consolidates steps, provides for compliance and achieves an efficient, high-value migration experience.

MessageSolution Enterprise Migration System automatically migrates emails, calendar, address book, appointments, shared folders, distribution lists and more. And, because the process is multi-threaded, it concurrently migrates multiple mailboxes at the same time to deliver an even faster migration process.

About MessageSolution, Inc.
Founded in 2004, MessageSolution is headquartered in Milpitas, California with operations in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific region and China. Independent and innovative, MessageSolution, Inc. offers award winning cross-platform migration, integrated enterprise archiving for compliance, electronic discovery, storage management for on-premise and SaaS/Cloud environments.

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