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Education and Government
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MessageSolution for Education @ Archive.Edu

MessageSolution’ s Archive.Edu program is specially targeted for schools, colleges, and universities that are subject to archiving, legal compliance and storage regulations as most publicly-traded enterprises. As part of the program, our award-winning products such as the Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive are available to educational institutions at a special discounted price.

MessageSolution offers a special discount for public schools, colleges, universities and other non-profit organizations of 25% to 30% off the total licensing fee; for more information, request a free demo or contact a sales representative.

Educational institutions are not immune to lapses in policies. Closer inspections reveal vulnerabilities because of lax process and absence of internal controls. And any breach in these regulations can have serious consequences, including fines, penalties and reputation damage.To read case studies, click here.

Unfortunately, limited state and federal budgets often mean that educational institutions are not equipped with the technology necessary to securely store and quickly produce electronic records. With limited staff and resources available, schools need to employ an email or file archiving solution with a low cost of ownership (TCO) that provides top performance while requiring little maintenance.

Additionally, schools, colleges, and universities face similar pressures that exist in business due to compliance regulations such as GLBA, HIPPA, USA PATROIT Act, and FIoA to name the few. Today, running an education institution is like running a business. Educational institutions have been struggling to find the most cost-effective and comprehensive method to archive their emails and files and stay compliant to government regulations. U.S. entities are not alone—the Freedom of Information Act of 2000 took effect in the United Kingdom in 2005. Over 70 countries world-wide have administered some form of freedom of information legislation. Thanks to MessageSolution, adhering to all requiring compliance mandates does not have to be a daunting task for non-profit organizations such as schools, colleges, and universities.

What Can Archive.Edu Program Do?
Archive.Edu is a wonderful option for educational facilities struggling to find a solution that is collaborative, comprehensive, easy to use, and most importantly cost-effective. Don’t be fooled by the names—Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive serve schools, governments and non-profit organizations. MessageSolution’s price discount for schools, governments and non-profits ensures that everyone can afford email archiving.

Conserve Resources
Software is a natural choice for organizations that need powerful archiving that is still affordable. MessageSolution’s products such as the Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive can be installed remotely, eliminating the fees for days of onsite installation and travel costs for engineers.
MessageSolution’ s archiving software has already been chosen by many school districts, colleges and, universities for its low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which is made possible by the archive’s clean back end design that significantly reduces archive maintenance time and installation costs. School districts such as Peel School District, Roseville Joint Union School District, etc., and higher education facilities such as Caroll College, University of Utah, Cumberland County College, Stevenson University, etc., understand the importance of MessageSolution’s products and agree that their performance is good and archiving is fast, administrative UI is easy to install and that these products are feature rich. Walt Brannon of University of New Orleans writes, “The MessageSolution Archive is a great product. Good performance and good value. The company provides exceptional support.”

MessageSolution’ s email archiving and file archiving software solutions are all-in-one products, with no additional costs for third party databases like SQL or Oracle tacked onto licensing fees. Our archiving software is ready to start archiving as soon as you download it on your preferred storage hardware device. Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive function equally well on a range of hardware, email servers, and operating systems. For our minimum system requirements (and they are pretty minimal), check out our product data sheets, contact a MessageSolution representative, or request a demo.

Features Benefitting Educators:
Discount and flexible payment plan
Works with any hardware vendor and server environment
Built-in search engine and database means no additional software purchases
Reduces storage requirements to ¼ of original size
24 x 7 support
Archiving and user activities are tracked and logged into audit trails and reports
Supports Latin-based and character-based language searching
Enterprise Email Archive Suite version allows higher ups to access archive through their email client or from offline
Enterprise Email Archive Express version and Enterprise File Archive allow users to access the archive through a web interface or their email client’s web access

Including MessageSolution’s products and solutions as part of your business, help ensure not only that there are no compliance or archiving gaps, but will also provide assurance to outside parties and regulators that the school, college, and university is concerned about compliance and actively engaged in managing adherence.

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